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PaperCut for Higher Ed 

An overview of easy-to-use printing that drives down costs in higher education and provides intuitive pay-for-print solutions.

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PaperCut at LRSD

A PaperCut Success Story video at Little Rock School District in Arkansas. 

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Security with PaperCut

A brief video on security features within PaperCut MF. 

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Cost Savings with PaperCut

A brief video on cost savings features with PaperCut MF. 

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LRSD Success Story

A PaperCut success story from Little Rock School District.

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PaperCut K-12 Overview

Top of the class in easy, cost-effective printing to maximize budgets and education.

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PaperCut in Education | Sales Webinar

In this webinar, Kristal Cook dives into PaperCut for Education, showing you how to win more RFPs this season. 

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PaperCut in Education | Technical Webinar

ACDI reviews PaperCut's free mobility print software, including a live demonstration of the installation process.

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PaperCut MF for Post-COVID Education | ACDI Webinar

Want to learn more about PaperCut's green light to invest in Education technology w/ the COVID-19 relief funding?